Wizertech Informatics Pvt Ltd is An ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified IT Infrastructure Consultancy & System Integration company having presence all across India.



“Wizertech Informatics Pvt Ltd addresses the growing need of organizations to manage information system & infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. Wizertech focuses on Technology Enablement and total ownership of Information system Management & IT infrastructure through technically equipped man power & strong logistics support at the back end.

WIPL brings to the table an ability to correctly assess users requirements for IT infrastructure asset management & maintenance and deliver services that exceed user expectations.

Our management & maintenance services adopt a multidimensional approach to the vexatious issue of IT infrastructure management & maintenance services, that is a blend of quality man power, timely response & cost effectiveness, We are extremely competent in providing services on the technologies that is vendor neutral (software, hardware) and management services that are reliable and cost-effective. WIPL provides comprehensive maintenance support on Desktop,wizertech informatics Laptops, Servers, Storages & related OS (Microsoft, Linux), also provides maintenance support on Data & Voice communication Infrastructure. WIPL is the Authorized Service Provider (ASP) & Warranty Service Provider (WSP) in the eastern India region for IBM & Lenovo range of products.

Application Overview

Managed, secure, integrated wide area network services Independent source managing the complex technology and multicarrier relationships Highly competitive leveraged pricing Flexible and customizable – choose different levels of billing, automated provisioning and reporting.

To compete in today’s global market, enterprises must adopt emerging technologies such as converged networks and mobile access solutions. Wizertech’s Network Management Outsourcing Services is a highly reliable foundation for your communications. Our service approach will help you to move into the next evolution of usage-based and virtualized services. Through Network Management Services, Wizertech delivers managed, secure, integrated services that interconnect your enterprise, buyers and suppliers. Many enterprises have grown through mergers and acquisitions resulting in disparate networks and management platforms creating a complex, labor-intensive operation. Often these networks and platforms lack an overarching technology plan and require a significant influx of capital dollars to upgrade. Wizertech’s Network Management Services provides the means to transform your disparate environment with the goal of integrating the network, the applications and compute platforms it supports, into a single, integrated infrastructure.

Handling Bandwidth, Analysis of your network traffic, Optimization of your existing CAPEX fund, an end-to-end traffic management, bandwidth management can enhance your operational efficiency through many OEM based product as well as open platform architecture like Tivoli or Open View.

We handle many open platform software based NMS like, Unaccented or Ether shaper.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions – including outsourcing services, consulting, operations and management, integration, deployment services, maintenance, monitoring, and application of next-generation capabilities.

Facility Management System

  1. Infrastructure management services.
  2. Server & Storage management.
  3. Network management.
  4. Security management.


It Asset Utilization & Management Audit

  1. IT infrastructure performance audit.
  2. IT assets capacity audit & planning.
  3. Network security audit.
  4. Vulnerability assessment.


Maintenance Contract & Warranty Services

  1. IT infrastructure performance audit.
  2. IT assets capacity audit & planning.
  3. Network security audit.
  4. Vulnerability assessment.


Additional Offering

  1. Legacy network upgrade.
  2. Network migration to an internet protocol (IP) environment.
  3. Internet access and optimization with IP VPNS.
  4. Multi-carrier service portfolio offering network management.
  5. Performance-Enhancing remote access solutions.
  6. Robust security monitoring and risk management services.
  7. Fully managed voice outsourcing services.