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Security Surveillance & Fire Safety

Taking a further step forward to consolidating the System Integration (SI) portfolio, Wizertech has forayed into the Electronic Physical Security and Safety Management Segment. In a short span of time, clients have put their faith in our ability to deliver the solutions they desire: An in-house Design & Engineering department, adequately staffed with competent and qualified engineers and equipped with the latest Design and Engineering aids such as CAD systems and latest design software, enables us to carry out a techno-economical detailed engineering of Fire detection, Alarm and Protection Systems and Electronic Security Systems for any type of industry and premises. Today, some of the best technical and management personnel available in the country are associated with us to take the organization to even higher standards of service offerings in this arena.

CCTV based Surveillance (Analog and IP Based) & Video Analytic Solutions:
Analog & Digital cameras are image capturing devices that form the back bone of surveillance solutions. Video Analytics is the software component that aids in detecting threats & raising alarms.

Benefits of CCTV based Surveillance Solutions -
• Can capture images in broad day light & pitch dark conditions

• Can be controlled to monitor a designated location

• Can be integrated to VIDEO ANALYTICS module that incorporates intelligence modules to track & detect various threats

• Can be networked to cover a large area & provides central monitoring facility

Access Control Solutions(Card/Biometric based):
Access control systems provide exclusive security by providing access only to authorized personnel to enter & leave the premises. These access control solutions are based on Biometrics, Smartcards, RFID Tags… etc thereby making the system more reliable & fool proof.

Intrusion Detection and Alarm Systems :
Intrusion Detections Solutions are expert solutions that are designed to detect intrusions in the perimeter level. This solution utilizes a specialized array of infrared sensors & motion sensors to detect intrusion accurately. The electrical fencing which can be clubbed with this offers more security by preventing the intruders to enter the premises. Day night cameras which are installed throughout the perimeter will add further value to this solution by monitoring activities around the perimeter. All these can be linked to a control centre which can be used to monitor & raise alarms whenever an intrusion happens.

Public Addressable & Evacuation Solutions :
These are used for emergency situations to guide occupants to exit the premises safely.

Fire Detection & Suppression Solutions :
Fire detection is done through special sensors that detect smoke & fire even before they spread. We conduct in-depth study of the premises to offer the best solutions possible that can be easily implemented. We also offer training wherever necessary for Fire prevention and safety measures.

Fire Protection Systems (Hydrants and Sprinklers) :
Once detected, Fire Suppression solutions will be activated which could be hydrant based, dry suppressant based. High end sprinklers will ensure that the fire is under control & extinguished.

Building Management Solutions :
Building management solutions are specialized solutions that will aid in energy management through which cost savings can be made. This can also be integrated with security & surveillance solutions like CCTV Surveillance Solutions, Access Control Solutions, Fire Detection Solutions…. etc.

Under Vehicle Surveillance Solutions :
Under vehicle surveillance solutions are futuristic solutions that scan vehicle’s bottom chassis for hidden explosives & modifications. They utilize superior imaging & processing algorithms that will help in detecting modified components in the bottom chassis of the car. It also incorporates an x-ray system that can scan the boot space of the vehicle for hidden weapons, explosives or narcotics.

Metal Detectors :
Pinpoint accuracy & superior material discrimination are the hallmarks of the versatile Protocol series of L3’s Doorframe Metal Detectors. These are ideal for finding hidden weapons which range in size & nature – like ferrous & non ferrous. These detectors are integrated with an inbuilt alarm system that can raise an alarm to indicate suspicious possessions of the person which passes by. This is highly used in high footfall areas, corporate offices, critical infrastructure, tourist locations…etc where metal screening is mandatory.