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VPN & Secured Communication


It must be a very intelligent network, which is capable to identify, adapt and protect the unauthorized intrusion, be it internal or external – this is main essence of security features of your IP Network.

The most comprehensive approach to network security is an integrated solution that combines the following:

  1. Existing infrastructure devices with embedded security solutions
  2. Security devices that have native network intelligence
  3. Security policy in a collaborative and adaptive security system

The integrated Adaptive Security System provides high amount of de-risking features rather than any individual product or single piece of security box, regardless of features or performance. Using the network to provide common security architecture:

  1. Reduces complexity
  2. Enables tighter integration
  3. Closes risk gaps

This approach provides greater visibility of end-to-end security simplifying the environment with an integrated network design results in security that is easier to deploy and manage. Additionally this steps will help you to derive a logical pay-back-period of your investment.

This approach is integrated, collaborative, and adaptable:

  1. Integrated: In this design architecture every element in the network acts as a point of defense. Switches, Routers, Appliances and Endpoints all incorporate security functionalities including, but are not limited to, fire walling, virtual private networking, and trust and identity capabilities. This integration incorporates technologies inherent in the secure operation of network devices.
  2. Collaborative: This feature helps you to build up a wide range of security applications. Larger ways of applications like, remote access, VPN log-in need more authentication policy enforcement to secure entire network. For example, if you log in remotely in your server through VPN, it looks for content checking rather than only legitimacy of your ID. This approach enhances the overall security policy to protect from any kind of attack.
  3. Adaptive: Innovative behavioral methods automatically recognize new types of threats as they arise. Mutual awareness can exist among and between security services and network intelligence, thus increasing security effectiveness and enabling a more proactive response to new threats. This effectively mitigates security risks by broadening threat-recognition capabilities and addressing threats at multiple layers of the network through behavior recognition, application awareness, and network control.

Business Benefits: Using the Network to Enable Secure Business Processes

Information security is a business concern for all organizations. With security threats increasing in number and sophistication, businesses want to gain protection, control, and visibility over their security systems, preventing incidents and threats that disrupt productivity, impact customer relationships, and erode profits. Government regulations concerning the protection of information also add to the growing emphasis on security.

The systems approach also provides greater visibility and control for overall network security, allowing organizations to operate according to security best practices and comply with government regulations.