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Bandwidth Management

Indiscriminate Internet surfing and bandwidth-guzzling downloads by internal users often leave enterprises with insufficient bandwidth for business-critical applications. Bandwidth management is becoming a very essential necessity for all the enterprise, SMBs, by & large it is found that we pay for the bandwidth & we only use 30% -40% of the entire pipe, rest we waste by misusing the bandwidth,

Why and When of Bandwidth Management?

  1. Is your bandwidth choked from music and video downloads?
  2. Want to allocate guaranteed bandwidth to critical applications and users?
  3. Is your CEO receiving committed bandwidth through the day?
  4. Do you want to allocate 512 kbps to Special Projects from 6 to 9 pm?
  5. Do you know Who is using how much Bandwidth?

Bandwidth management is the process of measuring and controlling the communications (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the link to capacity or overfilling the link, which would result in network congestion and poor performance.

Wizertech offers special managed services on customer’s bandwidth management.