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Routing & Switching

Technology Overview

Routing Functionality to deploy the Integrated Service Routing

The fast pace of technology growth has facilitates the different integration foundation solutions that are secure, solid, and compatible with future technologies.

Rather than purchasing separate products for individual functions, integrated services routers provide features and enable organizations to take advantage of additional technologies such as IP Communications, wireless, and advanced security systems while ensuring the Quality of Service their business and applications demand.

The systems-based approach has several goals:

  1. To transfer responsibility for security and reliability from individual computers and users to the network itself
  2. To create a network that is capable to cope up with technical augmentation
  3. To look at the network as an orderly, organized system rather than a collection of disparate, individually managed boxes

Under this intelligent systems approach, the network moves from being a basic means of connectivity to an active, integrated part of your organization’s business processes.

A systems-based approach to routing and switching lets all workers—even those at different sites—have the same access to business applications, Internet Protocol (IP) Communications and Video Conferencing as their colleagues at headquarters. This integrated connectivity offers you a holistic approach towards developing a modular fashioned IP connectivity all across your branches, sales offices, supply chain and the head office.

In addition to this, the organization can have the benefits of minimum head count in HR recruitment and manage the entire infrastructure from one location. In this way, not only to manage the network, rather any types of Infrastructure Management cost can also be minimized to the large extend.

The Business Payback

Any businesses of today demand more from their network infrastructures than ever before. Networks today now need to support all forms of media—including data, voice, and video—to enhance the business communications and lower operating costs. Access has also changed, as thousands of new devices connect to the network via wireless and wire-lined connections.

To solve these pressing challenges, organizations need their networks to contain intelligence and play an active role in securely integrating applications in a way that is easy to manage. Intelligent networks integrate many advanced applications into an adaptable, pervasive, and collaborative system.

  1. Integrated Security: In today’s environment, a mix of point-product solutions is no longer sufficient protection. Network security must be persistent and integral part of IP connectivity. The network becomes the main point of control for preventing and responding to security threats from internal and external sources. An integrated strategy includes multiple types of protection and dramatically improves the ability of networks to identify, prevent, and adapt to security threats. Such systems help to ensure information privacy, protect against threats, and control access to corporate resources.
  2. IP Communications: On today’s date, three different class of services has taken place together to be transmitted in a single stream channel. Thanks to Converged gateway – All intelligent routers are capable enough to handle IP based Unified Communication Systems, which includes – data, IP voice, Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing and streaming video. We have very high level of expertise (product specification and installation) on these products based on the IP based Converged Network.

LAN Switches Form the Core of Every Network

On today’s date, switches have become the core of all networks, providing high-speed connectivity for Data, Voice and Video for converged network.

Because LAN switches are typically deployed throughout business networks, they are the ideal platforms for integrating advanced services throughout the network, such as:

  1. Integrated Security: The switch is the first point of entry into the network for users and servers, it provides the first line of defense against internal security attacks and helps prevent unauthorized users from entering the network.
  2. High Availability: Because most network traffic flows through network switches, it’s crucial that they have the highest availability possible to minimize the overall cost of network downtime.

Converged Services: Bringing voice, video, and wireless traffic onto a single IP network requires that all switches now-a-days, are ready to provide the basic foundation layout for any technical face change based upon on-demand application for a convergence communication systems.

On this given technology road map, we, at Wizertech, understand all possible edges for a end to end switching connectivity and have a wide range of product line.

Today’s high performance Switches are capable to deliver:

  1. High-end switching capacity to support bandwidth-hungry applications
  2. Converged services IP voice, video services.
  3. Greater protection against internal and external security threats

We understand the detailed technology of Layer 2, Layer 3 switching functionality. This technology understanding helps our customers to reach on a right decision. The right combination of technology and commercial aspects makes a unique value proposition for our customers.

We bring the wide product variation from several manufacturers with different technology advantage and fit into the customer’s specific set of requirement.