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Integrated Corporate Mailing Solution

The main points, for an administrator hosting email services in-house, today would be email capacity, followed by downtime and security. To top it, if the arrangement needs to manage information system and security, it can become a daunting task for the system administrator. We, here at Wizertech, have joined hands with IBM and Microsoft to not only bring their proven products but also provide the much needed technical and operational support for fully integrated mailing solution and a challenge free implementation.

Why Wizertech ?

We, as a successful SI and business partner, ensure the following steps for a challenge free transition;

  1. Value-Matrix: The primary importance for an end-user today is to understand the value the product brings to justify the cost. To begin with, we help you justify the cost by facilitating a value for money proposition

  2. Technical Handholding: To better leverage any solution, technical understanding and support is the next key step. We assist you to learn and bridge the technical gap to better exploit the solution

  3. Seamless Implementation: In a given environment, every project has its own challenges. We not only iron out the challenges for seamless integration but also ensure consistent performance

  4. Transition Management: One of the major challenges for seamless implementation is the integration of existing solution to the acquired solution. Through the implementation process, we ensure a successful marriage between the two for a consistent performance.

  5. Continuous Support: Post sales support is our USP, and as per requirement we provide customized support to assist you, post implementation, to ensure continuous support.