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Database Solution

For years, choosing a relational DBMS boiled down to one question: Does it work? Only in the past ten years have there been multiple market-leading DBMS that could run practically all OLTP applications on a variety of large multiprocessor systems. Before this, DBMS choices were sharply constrained by such factors as row-level locking, sub query execution, online backup performance, multiprocessor support, or basic functionality in triggers, stored procedures, and declarative referential integrity.

But now the choices are broader. No matter what your OLTP application design or (almost) transaction volume, you can probably get the job done with any of Oracle, DB2, or Informix. If you’re only using standard alphanumeric data types, the list expands further, to include products from Microsoft, Sybase, Progress, and perhaps MySQL as well. And if you want to do analytics, the list of viable data warehouse DBMS is probably even longer.

If many DBMS can do the job for you, which should you choose? How about the least costly one? That’s almost always the right answer, provided you account for all the various elements of cost of ownership. We, at Wizertech, give a systemic look to your requirement and ensure an integrated product or a complete turn-key solution. While ensuring the best TCO (Total cost of ownership) we break the total cost into four categories mentioned as under;

  1. Hardware configuration
  2. Features that would save what otherwise would be painful coding cost
  3. Inherent ease or difficulty of administration, plus tools that save administrative effort.
  4. Administration and other power cost

Subsequently, we optimize the cost benefit of each category ensuring the least cost of ownership.