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Server Consolidation

Having partnered with industry leaders like IBM and HP over the decade, we have evolved to become one of the competent SI. Through Periodic Investment in technical and R&D, we have strengthened our domain knowledge in every vertical for server base architecture. Large Installation and numerous success stories have carved out a new niche for us to implement mission-critical project.

In the last one decade Wizertech has garnered the expertise to delivery cost effective solution based on:

  1. Broad range of standards-based servers that can scale up and out in your consolidated environment.
  2. Virtualization capabilities that enable you to pool and share resources across your enterprise.
  3. Excellent services that helps you design and implement the correct solution for business growth.

Introduction :

Server consolidation is to condense the number of servers in smaller place. This basically translates into “blade Servers”. Due to pressing demand of critical applications, peak hour load, security risk and escalating cost, enterprises are in dire need of solutions to improve utilization, reduce maintenance cost and retain quality of service.

Why Consolidation ?

As per industry experts and in-house research centre the four key challenges hitting the flawless performance of existing infrastructure are a) Over-provisioning for peak-load requirement b) Under-utilization of existing infrastructure c) Multi-layer security requirement d) inflating maintenance cost.

Consolidation at this juncture works with the following four agenda in mind;

  1. High availability: Consolidate system allows features like live migration to take place without zero downtime. Thus creating a highly available data centre using virtual machines.
  2. Reduced maintenance cost: Higher availability couple with lesser physical machines eventually converges to reduce running and maintenance cost for the enterprise.
  3. Minimize cost of ownership: Due to improve utilization and reduced maintenance due to reduction in server proliferation enterprises are eventually experiencing overall lower cost of ownership of the infrastructure.
  4. Structured resource provisioning Dynamic resource provisioning coupled with hot swapping is opening more structured resourcing provisioning for mid level enterprises.