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Server Virtualization

We at Wizer provide expertise across storage, network and server virtualization by joining hands with market leaders in the virtualization arena. In IT arena today where cost is primary on CIOs mind, Virtualization has emerged as a solution to optimally utilize existing infrastructure and streamline IT budget.We emphasize on highly reliable and scalable solutions with experience in numerous projects across industry and environment. At Wizer we have strong technical and execution capabilities for seamless implementation of projects.

Introduction :
The method of running multiple independent virtual OS running successfully on a single physical computer can be termed as virtualization. It’s a method to optimize physical resources available to minimize hardware expenses. Through Virtualization, it is now feasible to turn an inexpensive 1U dual-socket dual-core server into eight or even 16 virtual servers that run 16 virtual operating systems. Virtualization is primarily targeted for small and medium business enterprise and cloud computing datacenters.

Why and When of Virtualization?

Before trying to understand the “Why” of virtualization, let us understand the “When” behind the method. Virtualization is predominantly for small and medium enterprise or data centre applications. It is not advisable to use virtualization for high performance application where clustering is used. Its is the best solution for small to medium scale usage.

The three key “WHY” for virtualization as per tech republic would be

a. To save hardware cost: The under-utilized systems can be migrated to one server with similar specification. Even if the current server is over –spec for scalability, it can be optimally utilized to run other less important systems as well
b. To save physical space: The dedicated space does not grow with the business requirement usually; hence space constraint becomes a major concern for system managers. Replacing tower servers or few 2U servers with one powerful 2U server will save critical space. Firms also turning to virtualization can consider blade server to mitigate space and scalability risks.
c. Reduce power consumption and cooling need: Though low utilized systems will generate less head and require less power compared to highly utilized systems. A consolidated system still produces less heat requires less power as compares to multiple run low utilized units. One of the prime concerns for datacenters these days are precision cooling and inflating power expenses. Virtualization can be a good solution to such power guzzling units.

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